Is questioning a female Toronto District School Board principal now misogyny?

A reader submitted this video of what appears to be a recorded conversation between a male caller and a female school principal of the Toronto District School Board in Ontario, Canada:

However, it appears that the account holder of the video labeled the conversation by the male caller as sexist because the male caller asked the Principal some questions, and he became upset when the Principal could not provide a proper response to his questions.

After listening to the entire 6 minute Youtube clip, this blog detects no form of sexism, misogyny or any other form of hateful speech in the recording.

The Youtube clip starts off with a male who identified himself as a parent.

The Principal of the TDSB school denied something about some incident which occurred on September 15, 2014 at her school regarding unprofessional customer service. Thereafter, she kept on deflecting some of the male caller’s questions. In addition, the Principal reiterated that he should speak with her Superintendent. From the number she provided, the Superintendent manages the TDSB schools in the North York borough of Toronto.

Throughout the conversation, the male caller became very upset when he did not get the answers he was looking for regarding school policies, and at the ending portion of the conversation the male caller expresses his grievances and provides a few suggestions for better customer service.

It is common knowledge that the Toronto District School Board fails in customer service, and this video is evidence of how some staff members in high job positions fail to uphold professional customer service in the public education sector in Canada.

In this blog’s opinion, the call made by the male caller was not outrageous, and the male caller exercised his fundamental right of questioning authority. There appears to be no form of harassment on the call other than a concerned individual who became upset over the Toronto District School Board’s poor customer service.


Happy New Years from Canadian Parents!

It’s 2015, and the question is : Will the Toronto District School Board act more professionally and reliable for the new year? Will parents be assured that the TDSB is a professional organization in which the public can trust? Only time will tell.

A Recording which shows how some teachers do not speak the truth in the Toronto District School Board

Well, here’s evidence to prove that teacher incompetence is prevalent in the Toronto District School Board:

This embedded YouTube video is a recorded phone call between a journalist and the Media and Communications Department. The incompetence is alleged dishonesty by some of the staff members who work in the Toronto District School Board.

In the introduction, the journalist alleges to the Communications Department that he tried to reach the Principal of a TDSB school and he was appalled to notice that he was hung up by the Secretary. In response, the Communications Department claimed that the Principal called his department and provided an explanation. The explanation from the Principal was that the Secretary did not hear anyone. On the contrary, the journalist remarked that he did have a short conversation with the Secretary.

Furthermore, the Communications Department claimed that the reason why the journalist received poor phone service from the school was because the Principal claimed that the students were responsible. The Principal explained to the Communications Department that there were student volunteers who were operating the phones during the lunch session. Despite this claim, if that were the case, the student volunteers had to be supervised by teachers in accordance to suitable Toronto District School Board policies.

This embedded video is a recording between the journalist and the Secretary of the TDSB school. It appears that the Secretary is speaking to the journalist:

In conclusion, it appears that the Secretary lied to the Principal or it is probable that the Principal is lying and attempting to blame her student volunteers for poor phone service at her school.

The reason why the TDSB school gave the journalist a difficult time to speak with the Principal is unknown at this moment.

What remain significant is to make this recording known to the general public. This is because the  recording shows a prominent form of dishonesty by the Toronto District School Board.

Why do the Toronto District School Board and College of Teachers protect teacher incompetence?

The most obvious form of corruption in Canada is found in the educator profession, mainly in Ontario.

Kevin Donovan (2011) reports in the Toronto Star that the Ontario College of Teachers Disciplinary Committee encourages secret bargain deals between the Investigations and Hearings Department and the accused teachers (p.1 Toronto Star, Bad teachers: Ontario’s secret list). This illustrates that teacher educator misconduct and incompetence are deemed not as serious by the teacher professional body. In addition, it shows that parents must always demand a fair, professional and competent education for their children because the Toronto District School Board and the Ontario College of Teachers act in their own interests.

 If we had an American version of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, instead of the vague Canadian Charter of Rights,  the parents in Canada would demand an inquiry into alleged corrupt practices by the Ontario College of Teachers, Toronto District School Board and other school boards in Ontario.

However, the most obvious form of tyranny in Canada is when whistleblowers in the educator profession are punished rather than rewarded. Kevin Donovan (2011) provides an example where a former Disciplinary Committee member was penalized by the Ontario College of Teachers because he was suspected by the Ontario College of Teachers of leaking information which appears to be of interest for the public safety of students (Toronto Star).  This is evidence that bad teachers are protected by the school board and Ontario College of Teachers while those who are concerned about teacher misconduct are intimidated using bureaucracy, abuse of power and the tyranny of the Canadian legal system which protect government workers from inquiry.